En Route

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July 24, 2017

Yeeww! Finally on me way to Amsterdam, last 24h has been hectic but feels so good to be on the way. Once I land I’m meeting up my friends from Dubai at the hotel, and then we’re heading out for dinner. I’m so excited to see them, it’s been over 4 years since the last time.

Current status report:
There’s some a-grade eye candy here at the airport whom I keep bumping in to, at first it was by accident but by now it is definitely by choice, I even chose the restaurant I’m currently at thanks to him. I’ve gotten my self one of the tiny airport-chenin-blanc-bottles and a banana. Life’s just pretty fucking epic at the moment. I’m about to board now so I guess I’ll put together a proper post tomorrow, just trying to get in to the habit of writing.

I’ll speak to yous again soon, for now here’s a one-go-selfie I took this morning in bed. Pretty impressed with my selfies skills.

impressive one go bed selfie

Stay golden ponieboys,

xx Tess

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