Pretty Much Local is a company founded and run by me, Therese Hansson.

I am 24 year young woman with a passion for travelling, business, personal development, culture, philosophy, healthy lifestyle and language. I try to live my life with love, light, respect and understanding only in my heart. I enjoy travelling and connecting with the inhabitants of the places I visit. I make a big point of trying to adapt to the cultures i visit, while still maintaining integrity enough to stay true to myself.

My intentions with Pretty Much Local aims to share my different style of travelling and lifestyle with the world. A way where I connect with the locals, and try to learn and live the language, customs and culture of the places I visit.

Through my foundation I would like to give back to the communities I have the privilege to be a part of, and through different fundraisers try to help out with the problems I encounter in respective community.

My goal in life is to leave the places, people and situations i encounter in a better condition than they where when I first arrived.

If you’d like to support me, like what I do or can relate to my brand and it’s values – you are more than welcome to head over to my web shop where I supply merch with the pretty much local logo.